Configuring project on HPC serverΒΆ

Note: Assuming we are testing project named hello-world.

  1. Login to HPC server and clone ci-hpc repository:
cd $WORKSPACE # directory where you keep your projects
git clone
cd ci-hpc
  1. Install necessary pip packages:

    Execute script located in the bin folder. It is basically shortcut for a pip3 install -r requirements.txt. You can also pass any arguments to the pip. It is expected to have python3 and pip3 in the path.

    bin/ --user --upgrade

    To install packages system wide, do not add the --user flag:

    bin/ --upgrade
  2. Create configuration file config.yaml for the project

export PROJECT_NAME=hello-world

mkdir -p cfg/$PROJECT_NAME
nano     cfg/$PROJECT_NAME/config.yaml
  1. Setup config.yaml configuration file

Please refer to config.yaml section to find out more about configuration.